We are aware that the material which is the architectural concrete in architecture and design is gaining popularity... is a material characteristic allows the individual giving the image space.

In his conceptual work we decided to use it to create a collection of tiles cladding and architectural concrete in the form of an unprecedented 3D little and bulky pots, furniture and landscaping.

Decorative Concrete

Our concept is based on the use of this material to create a collection of tiles and decorative tiles in the form of unprecedented 3D, which guarantees surprising visual effects.
It is an elegant size and small-size garden pots, solid and functional furniture and landscaping elements adorning the streets and parks place.
Thanks to them, the space will be arranged in such a way that delighted with its beauty and uniqueness.

You could also meet with such terms as: decorative concrete slabs, concrete slabs for wall panels, concrete or decorative concrete.



We produce architectural concrete slabs with standard dimensions:
- GRC technology, 11 mm: 60/60 cm, 110/40 cm, 120/60 cm, 250/100 cm
- Expanded clay technology, 18 mm: 60/60 cm, 110/40 cm cm 120/60, 160/60 cm
Panels are available in smooth, porous and with imprints of mounting anchors.
We also make plates to size, depending on your needs.

We offer products in the GRC technology 11 mm, as well as technology Expanded clay 18 mm.

Our panels are made using GRC Japanese NIPPON wółkien glass, which increases their strength parameters.
It also does not require the use of additional konstukcyjno mounting solutions. Thus, using our CDs you limit you time and costs.





Panels can be used as internal and external cladding.
We produce slabs in three colors: white, gray natural, anthracite.
Note! The material gives the variability of shades, streaks local discoloration,
variety porosity and this is the result of a natural for the original objective of structural concrete.



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